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Rails 5.0 is available!

It’s been 7 years since I had my first experience with Rails. Back in 2009 the version was 2.3.x (I’d guess 2.3.5, but not sure) and managing gems during that time was such a pain. Since then we got many different versions with features, bug fixes, security and performance improvements (yes, per-for-mance, if you’re still one of those skeptical haters that think Rails can’t perform/scale).

Last June 30 version 5.0 was released and it has few interesting features.

  1. Action Cable: A brand new framework for WebSockets. If you need to keep a connection open between a Web client and the server, that can be very handy. It’s definitely worth to take a look at.
  2. Puma: Instead of Webrick the development environment now comes with server by default. Personally, I was never a big fan on Webrick. Making Puma the default server turns the development environment more professional and in case you need other devs accessing your env, it becomes less painful.
  3. Turbolinks 5: New version of Turbolinks. Great feature since developing mobile versions is a requirement for pretty much any app.
  4. API mode: This is the cherry on the cake, IMO. Creating a RESTful API skeleton has never been so straightforward. If you need only a backend app to respond some REST calls spitting JSON, that’s the way to go. By providing the –api parameter (rails new backend –api) you can create a basic backend app structure.

Give it a try and spend some time playing with it. Further sources can be found at the official page.

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